Money Raised Online So Far £6,410.44

Top Ten Walkers

Congratulations and thank you to all of our walkers and their supporters for their generosity. A special thanks to those below who have exceeded all possible expectations.


1 .salli hollinson£1,276.02
2 .Martin Insley£1,039.10
3 .£506.80
4 .Andy Coyles£502.50
5 .Barbara McInnes£417.60
6 .Samantha Damer£374.50
7 .Sarah Bloomfield£338.40
8 .Carole Tenuta£263.50
9 .Matthew James Morton£229.06
10 .Helen Cotton£0.00


1 .Dynamic Duo£710.26
2 .Team Anderson£503.10
3 .Abbey Meads Arrows£100.70


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