Money Raised Online So Far £17,822.90

Top Ten Walkers

Congratulations and thank you to all of our walkers and their supporters for their generosity. A special thanks to those below who have exceeded all possible expectations.


1 .Gynette Janney£3,337.65
2 .Jane Hyde£2,443.11
3 .Gilljim Robertson£1,339.32
4 .Julie Homewood£1,290.00
5 .Lucy Cummins£1,277.98
6 .Justine Campbell£1,074.20
7 .Patricia Hipkiss£930.72
8 .Louise Wright£774.56
9 .Anne Conrad£591.00
10 .Louise m dunn£485.38


1 .Hot Choc Juniors£1,133.05
2 .Glenys Girls£720.38
3 .Team Fitathon£121.53


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